Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Belated Valentines Day

Sorry I didn't post yesterday - I was in the car for most of it. We did the Toronto-Parry Sound-Toronto-Peterborough-Parry Sound circuit this weekend, getting back yesterday afternoon.

Yes, I did receive and give the usual chocolate goodies, but I also gave these.

Not only do they make low-cal Valentine treats, but they are also excellent hostess gifts at this time of year. And they were such fun to make. I punched them, but used a combination of wool strips, yarns and other fibers. Anything within the V palette.

Oh, and the definite upside of being in the car for all that time is that I finished "Olive". Here she is drying after a little dip and some blocking. (As I keep saying, I think February is "finishing" month.)

The good news is that she is a top-down sweater, which means you can try on as you go. And the better news is that I LOVE HER! I made her a bit longer than the pattern said (tunic length) and she drapes beautifully - the perfect project for this liquid wool.

Perseverance definitely paid off and that awesome pashmina wool has now become my sure-to-be-favourite sweater. I'm sure in time I will forget the amount of stockinette stitch required to knit two long sweaters out of this yummy yarn.

And it seems appropriate that she is kind of a Valentine colour.

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