Family Day Without Much Family.

So originally I was going to have two kids here for the weekend. Then their lives got in the way and they rescheduled. One came last weekend. The other will come next weekend. So for Family Day, it's just little ole Rick and me.

I just visited Jenn's blog, where I was blown away with her productivity in the dye pot. When she sets out to do something, get out of the way!!! Such gorgeous inventory for all her upcoming gigs.

I had a productive weekend, but in a different vein. I've been making lightweight clothes for my upcoming trip to Barbados. I have lots of "cottage friendly" summer clothes, but not many little dresses or fancy tops for dinners etc. in Paradise. So I dug into my stash of fabrics, my patterns that have been waiting to be made into something and got a good start on my Caribbean wardrobe.

Here's a little dress/coverup made of "nightie weight" cotton. It will be lovely and cool and very casual. I think that fabric was going to be a shirt a million years ago, but I think it may get more wear this way.

This is a jersey boat neck top. I can't even remember what it was going to be originally, but it finally IS something. I'll get some white lightweight crops to go with this.  I did a little embellishment at the neckline. Little rosettes with beading.

Last but not least a little empire waist sleeveless top. I'm pretty sure it was one of the options for my daughter's drapes when she moved into her apartment.

So a good start, with four more things cut out and ready to go. It's fun to be back on the sewing machine and to be making things basically for free!! I feel like the vacation has already begun.


Orange Sink said…
How sweet and comfy looking! I used to sew a million years ago! After seeing your cute tops it makes me want to sew! I wonder if I even remember how? LOL
Cathy G
Jen Manuell said…
Wow! You WERE busy today, too! :-D
Maybe you could be a seamstress for hire? LOL!
Let me say that your Caribean wardrobe is very cute! Like Orange Sink, I used to make a lot of my clothes ~ one time I made my entire wardrobe for a cruise! I was lots thinner then for sure ~ easier to fit! But your sewing is inspiring to me, too!! And I love your little hearts for Vday ~ sweet!

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