Finishing February

As this short month draws to a close, I am sprinting to the finish line on a bunch of different things. I realized by reading other blogs that my desire to get some UFOs off the list was not unique. Several others were also motivated. I wonder why?

Anyway, I did do some more sewing this week - not as much as I hoped, but I think I have enough clothing for the vacation and hopefully the right weight. (sorry for bad phone pic - my camera battery seems to be dead) This is a great tunic top and some very comfy elastic-waist pants, which will both allow unbridled eating in Barbados LOL.

Earlier in the month, as I was showing my new students some different styles of hooking, I realized I had a "teeny" bit left to hook on this Crewel piece. So it got done - at least ready to whip and turn into something.

A knitted skirt that I put on the needles before Christmas is ready for its waistband - and the ultimate decision of who gets to wear it - me or my daughter. (In case you are interested in seeing this lanesplitter skirt, it was a free pattern on and is also featured on Ravelry if you are a member). I love the Noro colourways I picked for it.

And I whipped "Supporting the Girls" while watching the Oscars last night. Seemed appropriate subject matter while seeing the statues and the beautiful dresses.

All in all, a good productive month. But miles to go still with March and April coming up
"Crazy Busy". So just as well to get a few things off the list.


Jen Manuell said…
Wowza! You have been busy -- I guess that's what you've been doing with all of your unused msn time.... LOL!
Looking good, girl!
You've crossed a lot of things off the list for sure!! Love your Barbados outfit ~ you're on a roll!!
hebbs said…
luv the finished "support the girls" mat.
i can see you in the skirt; don't know about your daughter.
next burlap gazette; could you please put in a blurb that we are looking for teachers to do a mini seminar at the 2012 annual in north bay? to contact me at
thanks for that.

anita hebblethwaite

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