Happy Birthday Beth

Today is my baby sister's 57th birthday - wow, how did that happen.!!

She is known as the "little redhead" to many, and she has a unique fashion sense, to say the least. This picture was taken at our niece's wedding, to which Beth wore a tuxedo, red bow tie and her vintage red cowboy boots.

I decided to commemorate her "dress up clothes" in a small mat for her birthday. And for the first time in recent memory, I actually got together with her ahead of her birthday and gave it to her. She was delighted.

Homemade gifts are something I believe in - and I think I have "inflicted" many of them on Beth over our lifetimes.  One of my earliest memories was a grey and pink dress with big bell sleeves (we're talking the sixties here). I think I sewed the sleeves in backwards (give me a break, I was 12!) and I think in my rush to finish, didn't pink the seams. So, luckily for her, it probably came apart on its first journey through the wash.

I like to think that the gifts have improved over the years. And she has kept most of them (save the little grey/pink fashion fiasco). She is always very gracious. No wonder I love her.

Have a wonderful day Beth. 


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