Bra Project Update

Before I do a new post, let me thank everyone who responded so enthusiastically to the Bra Project. Both here and on Rug Hooking Daily, the response was amazing!

I am now galvanized to take it to the next level with a couple of things up my sleeve. I delivered my hooked bra to the Hospital Foundation Office and they were thrilled, not only with my art bra, but also with the fact that the rug hooking community has embraced this. Obviously, they are very happy to have any support that helps raise the awareness and supports the cause. And tapping into a network like our rug hooking one is a big boon to getting the word out. (And hopefully a few more bras on the line at

For anyone reading this who hasn't been to Rug Hooking Daily, please go and see my page there. I have shared the steps in creating my bra. It's impossible to share a pattern, since it is dependant on the bra selected, but the general process is there.

And thank you all again for your support. It's much appreciated. I will continue to update both here and on Rug Hooking Daily as I create any more pieces.


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