Today my son is moving into his first grown up apartment. Not a dorm. Not a disgusting slum-lord apartment off campus. But a real first home. He will be sharing with a fellow he’s known since high school and I think they will get along well. That’s definite progress in his life. And Rick and I will be happy to have him settled before our big move.
On the move front, there is progress too, although I am feeling a lot more like the tortoise than the hare at this point. Working full time and going to the cottage every weekend to do things there really puts a damper on big, noticeable change here at the city house, but I know we’ll get there. If this is still organizing month (or the month of the tortoise) April will be a lot more hare-y with lots of frenetic packing and tossing etc.

Re studio progress, I did pick out carpeting for the basement. And the contractor stopped by on Saturday with a 12 foot stack of subfloor tiles, so there are definitely signs of movement. The room is completely empty save for the huge bank of Rubbermaid containers, so nothing will be in the way of more (and hopefully faster) progress. This weekend, the Parry Sound weather was incredible. While Toronto was besieged with incessant rains, we had sun and wind Friday and Saturday and the snow literally disappeared before our eyes. This is the first spring since we’ve been there that the snow has left this early. Even if we get one more dump before it’s over, we will not have the huge melt-and-flood problem that usually accompanies spring.

Amid all this chaos, there is noticeable progress on the “calm” project fronts. I can share the sweater progress, since the moose is now knit in. I was worried there might not be enough contrast between the colours I chose for the background and the moose, but I’m very happy with the result. (He needs a good blocking, but otherwise, he is very handsome.)

And the “smile” challenge mat is nearing the home stretch. Sorry I can’t share anything yet, but I promise once the challenge is revealed on Rug Hooking Daily, I’ll post some progress shots and the final.

Hopefully next weekend there will be a studio shot or two to share. Fingers crossed (or whatever the equivalent appendage is on a tortoise).


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JenJen said…
That's a fantastic sweater!

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