Godspeed Germaine.

Today we say goodbye to a special member of our rug hooking community, Germaine James.

As a relatively new hooker (it's kinda like dog years in this community), I don't have decades of history or memories of her. But I don't need them. She was incredible and it only took one weekend to know all I needed to know about her.

I had the pleasure of taking my Teacher Training wide cut training with Germaine, and that entailed a weekend of her and Terry's hospitality in their home. After a scary winter drive to get there, they greeted us with hugs and a glass of wine to take the edge off. The weekend was a little pot luck, but mostly their warm kindness in waves.

Not only did I get to tap into the immense wisdom of Germaine, I got to be enfolded in her soul. Both she and Terry have a kind of energy that is ageless. A little bit of a twinkle in nearly everything they do. And a quick laugh and a shared passion for life. They were definitely the salt to one another's pepper. Soul mates is an appropriate descriptor for them.

The rug that I designed and started hooking that weekend is one of my favourites. It has turned out to be the inspiration for many other pieces I have done. And it sits beside my side of the bed on the floor. So I can say goodnite to Germaine every night before I hit the pillow.

Everyone should have a chance to know a person like her in their lifetime. She was a "walking hug" and a smile at the ready -  always. Full of wisdom and mischief in equal measures, the stories about her will swirl today and for many years to come.

I will miss her very much.

Safe journey Germaine.


Susan S said…
Well said Wendie. She was such a super person and really embodied what women who rug hook are all about.
Liz said…
Well said Wendie. Like you, I only spent a limited time with Germaine at her studio but it is a time I will never forget. She taught us dyeing that day. Her energy and commitment to the craft was inspiring. She will be missed.

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