Friday Mornings are a gift.

It's Friday morning and I'm sitting at the cottage kitchen table drinking my second cup of coffee. I have spent the last hour and a bit watching the sun come up while spending time on Rug Hooking Daily - something that I don't get to do very often at home. I'm looking forward to being able to do that more often, once we are moved in.

There is something wonderful about spending time admiring other people's work and leaving comments on their pages, to let them know how you feel. I know how much I love receiving comments, and this is another time when it is even better to give than to receive.

Today's picture is not of anything I'm working on, but of Mother Nature's tableau. The ice is out of the bay again and the sun is sparkling on the water - one of my all time favourite views. This time of year is a tumultuous time, when the temperature goes way up during the day - and way down during the night. Last night the logs in the building were cracking - sounding like gun shots - a wonderful characteristic of logs (once you get used to it).

The Canada Geese are returning in droves. As we made our way north last night, I saw them in pairs on nearly every open body of water - and in lots of farmers' fields too.  I wonder how they all know that this is THE weekend for them to come. Not last weekend - not next weekend, but this exact weekend.  Kind of like Pearson International on March break. Another example of just how amazing Mother Nature is in her programming as well as her visuals.

My contractor has still not appeared to work on the basement. Rick is a bit worried, but I think it's just another deadline-oriented decision. Clyde knows he still has a month - he knows how long the job will take and he's going to wait until the deadline is too close to ignore. Don't we all do that sometimes!

I will finish my coffee, make my grocery list and head into town in a bit. Jennifer Manuel is coming for a birthday dinner and a sleepover tomorrow - which will be so much fun. Having her just an hour away is a huge advantage to moving here. Hopefully we can get together way more often - and not just on MSN messenger.

Enjoy these early spring days. I plan to. At least until the black flies arrive, which I figure will totally coincide with the move.


I live my life like Clyde ~ always inspired by a deadline nipping at my heels! Life sounds like it's taking shape for you ~ and it sounds grand! I would consider it a GREAT day to be together with you and Jennifer ~ I bet you two inspire each other!!

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