Monday, September 21, 2009

Poor Max!

Not a single loop has been pulled on my big Maximillian Moose piece in over two weeks! Things keep pushing him aside – ones with tighter deadlines than a giant moose.

The S.T.A.R.T. crewel piece made great progress last week as you can see from this picture. I love the little owl – he adds such personality. And I think it’s fitting to have a clever creature adorn a laptop case. I am not convinced that my assembly plan is going to work, so I may have to come up with a plan B. But I still have a bit more on this side, another whole side and bottom to do before I have to really fret about that.

And, on the weekend, another little project jumped the queue. A sign for someone's 60th next Saturday. It’s for the cottage they are renovating for full-time dwelling. I got a good start on the weekend getting all the lettering and the background behind it done. Then, last night at home, I got one of the outside borders hooked. Only three to go plus whipping -I think I'll make it.

I have decided that my hooking projects reflect life in general. There’s always going to be something that is more urgent than what you are working on. Life is just a series of interruptions anyway, and once you accept that, you will be much more lenient about your timelines.

I know that Max will be back on track again soon – albeit there will be Christmas gifts that need hooking too. The good thing is that he sits patiently on the frame that is set up at the cottage, constantly reminding me to come back to him.

I promise I will Max, as soon as I can.

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