Another 60th Celebration

This weekend, we helped celebrate our friend Dave Wybrow's 60th birthday. It was a great celebration with 13 of their close friends and a six-course feast prepared by their two daughters.

Dave and Lynn have been friends since our 26-year old daughters were 2. Our visits have been very sporadic over the past 24 years, but we have such a good time when we get together and neither couple feels guilty for not doing so more often.

They have just completed an enormous renovation at their cottage in Bracebridge, and I hooked this sign to commemorate the completion. Since I had no idea of the colour palette, I stayed pretty neutral in my choices, thinking it could easily sit on a table or go on a wall somewhere.

When Lynn unwrapped it, she set it on their granite counter top in the kitchen and every single colour that I used was there in the room. She had red accent walls and the texture in the plaid mimicked the colours in the granite.

Then she moved it around the cottage and in a chameleon-like fashion, it fit absolutely everywhere. So she was thrilled. Better still, she wants to learn to hook (as do both daughters) so next summer, I will do a two-day workshop at the cottage and she and her friends and relatives will fill the room. Yippee! My first workshop for the new studio-to-be.

The celebration was truly merry with lots of libation and a fabulous feast. Those of us who didn't live close enough to walk home slept over and were treated to a sumptuous brunch. Then we meandered home and I had time to put a roast in the slow cooker for dinner. A bonus over our usual rush back from the cottage to get dinner going.

As the 60ths loom ahead - we just received an invite to another on the 24th of October - I am reminded of what a landmark birthday it is for me. It was the last one for both my parents, so I truly believe that it is a milestone worth celebrating.


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