Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two New Blogs to Mention

As promised, I have added a couple more blogs into my favourites list.

Red Door is a wonderful, vibrant blog (with a real-world store in Ontario) that has music to entertain you during your visit - the first with a playlist that I have encountered. Their blog features incredible primitive furniture which they restore. I think that most of us love this kind of furniture, because it showcases our rugs and other treasures so well. You will definitely be spending a bit of time there, I guarantee.

The Things I Love is exactly what the name implies. A bounty of treasures - bits of this and that - musings of a very interesting person to visit. There are rugs to see, lots of folk art treasures, dyeing disasters - something for everyone.

The writers of these blogs all really do start to feel like friends, which I know I've written before. And having them out there means there never needs to be a day without a virtual adventure in it.

Make sure you leave a comment when you visit. We love hearing from you.

Happy visits.


Terry and Jackie said...

Thank you for adding a link to The Red Door...yes we are a real live place...and in Canada no less.
Did you mention spending the summer in Parry Sound in one of your posts or did I just dream that up???? I did Parry Sounds' Art in the Park for a number of years. Maybe I read it on another blog....it's been a very long day.
Take care...leave us a comment next time you come by The Door.
Jackie from The Red Door

danasmith said...

Oh my gosh....you are just so sweet to include me on your Blog! I know exactly what you mean about getting to know the people who write these Blogs...you peek into their lives through their postings and come to know them!
Thank you bunches!
Dana in VA

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