Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy American Thanksgiving

It's the start of American Thanksgiving. I seem to forget until the actual weekend, despite the fact that I know it is a much bigger deal for them than it is here in Canada. There's certainly lots of coverage about it, ads, etc. The biggest shopping day of the year, and all that. So I'm not sure why I don't remember.

But today, I have heard from a few people who are all cleaning up things and getting ready for their family get-togethers on this biggie weekend. A few of the people I talked to are Canadians who are taking advantage of this big weekend to go for a visit and to shop. It's a pretty tough time to be thankful, but I hope everyone can find the time and resources to celebrate.

One of the people I visited (in the virtual sense) was my friend Alice who has an amazing blog "A Day in the Life". She had left a comment and linked my blog to hers, so I have done the same. Her blog is chatty, warm and wonderful. Make sure to stop by.

So to all who are partaking of this wonderful celebration, all the best to you and yours. Enjoy the turkey, the company and the shopping.


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