Monday, November 3, 2008

A background check.

After so many posts dedicated to the Symposium and the comments and blog activity that followed, I am back to posting about projects in progress.

Totem 40, my family portrait from my 40th birthday has been consistently pre-empted with projects that had more pressing deadlines. I think two sweaters, a sign mat, a house mat and who knows what else have jumped the queue in front of this "big" project.

However, in between the interruptions, I did manage to eke out enough time to get a really good run at the background. I think my uncertainty of how to proceed with it kept me from barrelling ahead. But, since it was in view out of the corner of my eye, I think it was constantly percolating in the back of my crowded brain.

I am happy with the progress on the background. I decided to straight line hook all the elements, indicating shapes rahther than actually hooking them. I had originally started with directional hooking and wasn't happy with the results. I have left one big rock on the right hand side which may stay as is, but may be changed too.

I think that the simple colour changes have indicated everything that needs to be there. I definitely see flowers in the grassy parts, wet and dry stones on the beach and whitecaps in the water - all without defining them through shape.

I am also pleased with how anchored it makes the people, who were floating out there before. And I think, once I get one final sweater project out of the way, I will be able to finish this pretty quickly, now that the direction is set.

The only remaining decision is what kind of border will I add. I am considering a very simple brown frame, hooked vertically on the sides and horizontally on the top and bottom, with mitred corners to look like a wood frame. But it will be only a few rows, since there is already so much going on.

I will continue to post progress on this, since it is fun to see it evolve. I took this picture a while ago and hadn't looked at my background for a bit. It may end up being my hubby's Christmas present. He really likes it!

And I must confess that I like it too.


Jennifer Manuell said...

This is looking FAB-u-lous! I can't wait to see more. Maybe you should take a couple of days off this week and hook. Just an idea... ;-)

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Thanks my friend,

Oh, if only....wouldn't that be amazing to do! Just one full day would probably do it. However, it will get some serious attention once the sweater and ANPT projects are off my plate.

Val said...

Hi Wendy - greetings from California. I love the family photo. I can feel the emotion all the way over here! One of these days I am going to learn the fine art of being more prolific with my hooking. Mine seems to go at a snail's pace but I have started my purse (Jennifer's Owl) and I am loving the colors and waiting for the handles to arrive before I get too far on the background. Have a wonderful day!!!! Val Ewan

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hey Val,

Thanks for the visit and the nice comment. I am a fast hooker and would get things done even faster if I stopped flitting from project to project. Hopefully, I can get a good run at this in the next few weeks. Am doing some jean bags for a magazine article first, which I will post in progress too.

You must be feeling really great after last nite's results! I stayled up way too late and watched the whole thing.

Make sure you send Jennifer a picture of your bag when it's done. She will post it and I'll get to see it too.

Talk again soon.


Val said...

Yes, the family is abuzz with excitement over the election results. Now, if our football team can just win the Super Bowl we'd have a great year. But I doubt the Cleveland Browns are as destined as Obama was. But we can always hope. :) Val

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