Friday, September 26, 2008

Going Gray - More Hooking Sisters

If you have not already visited this website,, please take time to do so. It will definitely make you smile. Since the very first time I visited, I was taken with their sense of whimsy. Their patterns are wonderful. Their site is quite entertaining. If I weren't into designing my own patterns, there are several that I would choose.

Yet another set of sisters who have been bitten by the hooking bug - big time. One of the sisters is the pattern designer (and I believe the website as well). And the other calls herself the Boss and Rug Hooker. A husband is involved in the "wood business", which features frames and grippers and hangers. Even their mother was the inspiration for their new segmentation of patterns. Trust me, there's a category for everyone.

As I anticipate the design of my own site, theirs is quite inspirational. However, I am not at the point where I am organized enough to get all my patterns together. And I am not quite proficient enough on software to build my site, though Rapid Weaver promises to make it easy.

Anyway, click on over to their site - see link in Favourites - and enjoy your visit.

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