Inching along.

Have you noticed how some weeks have much more hooking time in them than others?

The last two have been ones that didn’t have nearly enough for me. I’m not even sure what kept getting in the way, but I think it was a variety of things. I think it started two weekends ago at the cottage, when I had everything ready to do some dyeing for my sky, till I realized I didn’t have any vinegar. (Unlike the city, nipping out for a quart of vinegar is not an instantaneous decision, and I opted to not make another trek to town.)

Work repeatedly got in the way with longer days which led to later dinners which led to no reasonable time left to hook. Layer in a birthday (which now lasts for weeks, not days) and I just really didn’t get as much done on this as I had hoped for.

However, I am testing different combinations of “as is” wool for the clothing, rocks, water and sky. I do like to use what I have on hand rather than dyeing new wool, so I always begin there. And I think that I probably have everything I need, other than the aforementioned sky, which I will try to get to again now that I have vinegar on hand.

Hopefully, this week will have more time for hooking and dyeing and all things related to this wonderful project. But, at this back-to-school, end-of-vacation time, life does have a habit of putting the “need to do” list ahead of the “want to do” one.


Women Matters said…
Hi Wendie,

Love your blog - thought you might like take a peek at ours - Would love to know if you are going to Trent and if not maybe you could do some belts, etc. at Karen Kaisers. Would love to see you there.

Hi Julie,
Thanks for the nice note. Did visit the blog and left a comment there.
I am going to Trent and have also been booked at Karen's for a few stints. So hopefully, I will catch up to you at one or t'other.

Am putting your blog on mine. And I will check back often.



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