Monday, June 9, 2008

Three Little Stools.

Here are three of seven little works of art that were created up north this weekend. They are put together using recycled "renovation" floorboards and some of the weedy alder that grows along the roadside - plus some birch that had already fallen in the woods. (And some embellishments, like mini paddles, donated by the builder)

My neighbour Richard is the man behind the construction and the embellishments. Although I take credit for the original concept for these little stools (to which I will add hooked toppers)- he really ran with it and surprised me with a parade of wonderful works.

You see, Richard is the master DIYer on the lake. He seems to have every power tool known to man and, unlike lots of other guys, he actually uses them a lot. He makes counters and islands and dining room tables and vanities and bunky interiors. And they are all incredible. He and his wife Sylvie make the rest of us look like we are standing still when it comes to "working around the cottage".

So, I showed him a sketch of what I had in mind, and the boards I wanted to use. He cut a bunch of them down to "stool size" while I waited. My contribution to the construction was to cut some alder for the legs and get back to him at some point on the weekend.

Before I even felled a single alder, he arrived with the first stool - complete with birch feet and a dark stain on the top. The prototype. He said it took him about 3 minutes to assemble.(A slight exaggeration, I'm sure.)

He had simplified my original plan and said he wanted to try a few other variations on the legs. By the time I saw him Sunday, he had put together six more - all different expressions of primitive and all made from things he had lying around. He even had some great suggestions of different ways to add the hooked tops.

The tops will take a bit longer to create than the stools - a lot longer actually. But now that I have the little stools, I am inspired. I have decided that the prototype will go back to Richard with the name "Dylan" on it. That's Richard and Sylvie's son and I'm sure he'll love to have a stool that his dad built and Wendie hooked for him.

More pictures to follow as the tops evolve.

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