Monday, June 16, 2008

On top of things.

Here is Dylan's stool topper, hooked but not attached. I love how it turned out. It's bright and cheery, just like he is. He's only 5 right now, but I figure this little stool will still be o.k. for a few years to come. I have the velcro strips for the back and I think I'll put some cross-twigs on the legs for extra stability.

Not only I finish hooking this stool topper over the weekend, I also finished the coasters and got the hooked belt buckle centres ready for attaching. The adhesive I chose didn't work, so I'll have to try another, but I'm feeling like the deadlines I set for myself are achievable.

Thursday is my "showcase" at Trent School of Rug Hooking, so I need to have a sample of many small things ready for show and tell. The class I'm pitching for 2009 is called "1,2 Hook a Few" and it's all about little hooking projects. In the showcase will be belts, belt buckles, hats, coasters, stool toppers, signs, flowers and my jeanius bags. The thought is that people can choose a couple of projects for their week at school and take them home FINISHED.

I was thinking about my presentation for Thursday morning while I was hooking last night. I realized that these "little" things a very "big" part of my hooking cycle. I think they are for most people, except those who won't start a new project until they are finished what they are working on - I'm definitely not like that. For me big, time-intensive projects need to have a little something on the side. These little wonders scratch that "instant gratification" itch.

The other reason that I like them is that they involve all the creative elements that I love about hooking. They still need a design. They still need a colour plan. The only thing they don't need is a giant time commitment. And the other bonus is that the finishing time is smaller as well. Yippee!

I've also realized that it doesn't take a big piece to teach a lesson. For example, on future stools, I'm not sure I will leave wood showing around the edges. On this one, it is a good thing, since Richard took the time to paint it green. But on others that aren't so pretty, perhaps I will go right to the edge. Perhaps I will tack the backing to the side. Or hook the overhang. More inventing as I move forward, I guess.

Will I be completely ready for Thursday? Is anyone ever completely ready? In my life there will always be something else I could have finished. But I am on track on my June production schedule. And it feels good to be on top of things.

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Katrina said...

I love your stools! How do you affix the rug to the top of the stool? I have a stool that I want to hook a top for but I am not sure how to stick it down.

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