Monday, April 21, 2008

Speaking of Jewellery

I reconnected this week, via email, with a friend who has an amazing line of jewellery. Please visit her site at (I’ve added her to my favourites).

Our lives have criss-crossed over the last 30 years, and through a few re-inventions. We originally worked for the same advertising agency. About the time I left to stay home with my kids, Lisa headed off to George Brown College to study jewellery design. As her bio will attest, she had an epiphany when studying chain mail and this became the inspiration for her creations.

We ran into one another several years later at the Toronto Outdoor Art Show at City Hall. She was growing her jewellery business at many different craft show venues. I was there, selling hand made button covers with a friend. Debbie and I were doing this to make a little pocket money. Lisa was well past pocket money already.

Over the years, her designs have continually evolved. What started as mostly links and amazing intricacies in silver has expanded to include amazing crystals and semi-precious stones. Her relatively new line of watches causes intense drooling.

I have followed her around the area since then, and am the proud owner of many beautiful pairs of earrings and a couple of amazing bracelets. My husband knows that if there is an occasion, anything that Lisa designs is sure to please.

Lisa’s big news is that she now has a studio that is not in the basement of her home. She has a huge space that’s all her own and, like every other artist I know, can’t figure out why she waited so long to make the big leap. She loves it. She’ll be having an open house in the next little while to show it off. I can hardly wait to see it.

She is incorporating other forms of art into her studio space, which will make it even more of a destination. She is thinking that she needs a bit of textile art to grace the space. I would be honoured to have a creation of mine reside in her studio space. Hmmm. The wheels are turning with design ideas already…..

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