Monday, April 14, 2008

More bragging rights.

It's so wonderful to find an email waiting for me from a student who has finished a project they started with me. And I think every teacher, pattern designer and supplier feels the same way. Seeing the finished work of art keeps the people who love this craft connected. So, when I arrived home from the cottage last nite to find Pam Watkin's email attaching her runner, I was thrilled to see it done.

This is an original design, which Pam said incorporates all her favourite colours. My only input was helping a bit with the placement in the clamshells. Other than that, she was off to the races. It was easy to see by the end of the weekend that this primitive design was going to "sing". The blue that she chose is like an extra twinkle in the antique colour palette. And it looks amazing finished.

This rug will be going to the OHCG Annual in Midland, and I feel quite certain it will have its picture taken a number of times. I hope everyone reading this entry, who is within a reasonable driving distance, can make it to the show. For more information, please visit the OHCG website (see in my links) click on the Annual link.

Congratulations Pam. This is a timeless beauty.

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