Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Thanksgiving - The Wonder of Leftovers

Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone and I am nursing a turkey hangover, like I do every year. What's that wonderful chemical they say is in turkey that makes you sleepy after you eat? I forget. Oh well, as soon as the last of the pumpkin pie and turkey are gone, I can start saving myself for Christmas.

This is a picture of Trinity (just like the sign says). She and her Dad joined us for Thanksgiving dinner this year. It was wonderful having both of them - they added a lot of joy and energy to our usual family crowd. Trinity is my favourite 6-year old, not that I know very many any more. She is a big fan of rug hooking, especially mine, so I made her this for her bedroom. She loves the colours, which I felt quite sure would cover all her “favourites” as she grows up.

This sign is the hooking equivalent of turkey leftovers. Nearly everything in this project was left over from earlier projects. Just like there are never enough turkey leftovers to send home with everyone, there often aren’t enough strips left over from a project to make an entire rug. That's why I like to use them in smaller projects - hooking “snacks”. Thankfully, these leftovers don't have a "best before" date and can be incorporated into something whenever the mood or colour scheme strikes. And unlike turkey leftovers, they can hang around for a very long time.

Trinity loved it when I suggested that her great-great-grand daughter might ask her one day where her name sign came from. That's why there is a label that says the month and the year and that it is "to: her" "from: me". I told her it will connect me to her and to her kids and her kids' kids. That idea just made her giggle. But I know it's true.

The tradition of Thanksgiving is one that is celebrated the same way year in and year out at my house. The menu stays the same. The decorations are pretty much the same. The guest list changes, like it did this year to include Trinity and Chris. But I like the fact that it is a tradition and I hope it stays the same for my kids' kids, leftovers and all.

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