By George-town, I think you’ve got it.

Last night, I attended the regular, monthly meeting of the Georgetown chapter of the OHCG (Ontario Hooking Craft Guild). I was the guest presenter, there to showcase my jean purses, which will featured in a workshop next March. I have always heard that Georgetown was a very dynamic chapter, and I saw for myself that is not an overstatement.

Since I had no idea how long it would take me to get there, I based my timing on bad traffic. I even left the office early, hoping to get a jump on everyone else. Incredibly, there was no traffic. Sure, there were other cars on the road, but they were all MOVING instead of sitting on the 401 or 427. So, not only was I ridiculously early, I also had time to window shop and eat before heading to Norval.

The meetings are held in an old Church there, which is as welcoming as the chapter members. As I stood waiting in the parking lot with the early attendees, all sorts of people I knew started arriving. They came from near and far - Aurora, London, Toronto, Mississauga. We all talked about the “no traffic” phenomenon. I marvelled at how far they travelled to be there - not one of them thought it was too far to come at all.

My presentation followed the business portion of the meeting - and the coffee break (complete with Rice Crispie squares). The business meeting was well-organized, thoughtful and was a combination of jovial and serious, with proper business procedures followed to a T. The agenda was jammed with reports on workshops, rug displays and the upcoming Christmas party and exchange. This vibrant group is totally engaged in their activities. Participation in everything is never in question.

My presentation was enthusiastically received as well. Lots of questions, comments and positive feedback. I believe many of the members will sign up for the workshop, provided we can find a satisfactory date.

Following a wonderful “Show and Tell” session, I drove home - again with virtually no traffic - totally understanding why time and distance are not an issue for members of this Georgetown group. And I am seriously contemplating how to fit becoming a member and driving to their meetings into my crazy life.

Here’s to you Georgetown Chapter, for making me feel so welcome. You definitely have it going on.


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