Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Whoosh - what a whirlwind start to the month.

As if August wasn't busy enough, the start of September has been a bit crazy.

I did another Portraits workshop in Westport from the 9th to the 12th. Just enough time to catch my breath from the last one and get everyone ready for this one.

Loretta Moore - aka Hooked on the Lake - hosted not only me (for the full length of the workshop) but the workshop itself. Here is a peek at some "work in progress" from the students. (Loretta has it on her blog as well.) It was a smaller group than Newfoundland and they all took to the value lessons and are creating amazing pieces.

Karen's beautiful grand daughter.

Loretta's dad - quite the character.

Wendy's grand daughter.

Edie's mom. 

Andrea's daughter as a little girl. 

Louise's grand son. 
This is the first portrait class that I have taught that didn't have any furry family members. Although Loretta's three cats made sure that at least the feline side was well represented.

I got home at about 7:00 on Thursday night and immediately had to re-load the car with some rug hooking display pieces for the first ever Hands On Creative Festival, held here in Peterborough. Unlike a sale, this was a chance for people to talk about their art form, demonstrate, let people have a try and generally "share the joy".

I was curious to see if any of the folks we talked to over the weekend would be "hooked" as we like to say. And sure enough, someone joined us at our weekly group this morning. She sat with us and practiced pulling some loops. She has taken home some backing, a frame, strips and a hook and will practice some more. She took to it right away - seemed to have no problems and will be back next week to join us and get going.

Now a bit of a breather until my next teaching gig, which is at the hook-in in Cobourg on September 30. It's called The Heat is On. I am teaching Hooking Doodles. Looks like it will be a fun day. And hopefully vendors there so we can do our fall shop.

Before I sign off, I received a couple of pics of finished portraits from Newfoundland. Always great to see and share these when they are done.

Here is Barb's grand daughter who LOVES hockey.

Marnie's grand daughter, hooked and framed. 

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