Friday, July 6, 2018

The Beginnings of Big Big Bird

Here are the first pictures of Fillippa Flamingo.

You can see from the very first image, with the hook and scissors in for scale, that she is HUGE. I think she will probably stand over 5 feet tall when she is finished, not counting the block she will be inserted into.

After transferring the pattern (thanks to Judy K in Fort Frances) onto backing and making a few modifications, it was time to figure out what to do with her. So I started with her beak.

Next step was to try to figure out HOW to hook her body. And my first attempt is not working for me. She just looks too stripe-y. Sure I want her to be wild and crazy - but in a flamingo way, not a clown. I think I will back up and start again with some feather-like shapes that I can hook hit or miss with all the textures and colours that I have. I am sharing this first experiment anyway. Hopefully, I will get started on the alternative approach tomorrow and can share that result.

So, why am I hooking a giant flalmingo anyway??? Fillippa will be a mascot/ambassador bird at the OHCG 2019 Annual in London Ontario, the theme for which is "BIRDS OF A FEATHER".

She will be a multi-fibre bird, using just about anything in the pink-ish range that I have in my stash or can find. And her wing will be WILD.  I have crazy yarn and pink feathers and I am thinking of adding some taffeta too - should be fun.

Once she is hooked (which I think will take quite a while), she will become a "dummy board" - or in this case a "dummy bird". What does that mean? She will be mounted on a plywood cut out of herself, given some rebar legs, which will be inserted into a block to enable her to stand up.

So stay tuned. I am hoping to give progress shots as she develops. Hopefully she will be as spectacular as I imagine.

I saw this saying on Pinterest and might just have to order a t-shirt with that on the front. Perfect, I think, to wear to the Annual.

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