Sunday, July 15, 2018

Big Bird is Coming Along Nicely

First of all, welcome to another "theme" for my blog. The last one was just too hard to navigate - as an author or a visitor. This one is very simple "what you see is what you get".

So, after spending a week with our Grandson here, I got back to Fillippa Flamingo. I actually had posted a progress shot on Instagram last week, which I will share here.  Knew right away that the "hit or miss" was a much better way to go, for many reasons.

I did get more done on the neck before Jackson arrived, but pulled nary a loop while he was here. By the time he was ready for bed at night, so was I.

But back on track today and reminded about just HOW BIG this bird is. I took a "selfie" with me and Fillippa, just to show the scale. I am standing right in front of her - this is not one of the fake fishing shots. lol  (I am definitely NOT a selfie expert, but figured this was a good reason to take one - or half one.)

With this much hooking done on the neck, I decided to do a little playing with the wing. I have collected some fun fabrics to create lots of texture. And got enough done this afternoon to show you a bit of a preview.

I took a close up shot so you can see all the fun tulle, bathing suit fabric and other proddy wool bits.

And here's a shot that shows the height of the "fun feathers" next to the hooked parts. 

Fun, right?

Trying now to figure out how to move all the fun stuff around the wing surface, so have had to do a count of strips of the fun stuff and then fill in with the other stuff. It's time consuming, but a nice break from the hooking. 

Will update with progress as I go.


Anita Hebbs said...

looking really good wendie! just finishing up my "little" bird and will send a pic when done. anita

Diane Cancilla said...

Wow!!! Your work is so beautiful! I live in Peterborough and would like to learn about hooking. Is there a Beginner’s Course anywhere???

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