Sunday, July 9, 2017

Whole Lotta Burpin' Going On

With a few other babies arriving the same time as Tadpole 2, I decided to make a bunch of burp cloths for each of them. 32 burp cloths in all - quite the pile.  When Jackson (aka Tadpole 1) was born, one of his mom's favourite gifts were some shoulder-sized burp cloths, which she found so much easier to put over her shoulder than full on receiving blankets.

So I found a free online pattern on Pinterest and decided to make each expectant mom 8. I chose genderless patterns and they will each get two of four prints. This pattern even has a little shape around the neck to keep them in place. Pretty brilliant!!

The first batch was delivered a few weeks ago, just before the arrival of the first burper "Clementine". She is safely here, her new mom is over the initial shock, and I am pretty sure the cloths are getting more than their fair share of action.

The other arrivals are slated for August and September, so I am done with far more lead time than before.

Tadpole 2 is being "showered" this Sunday, and I got a few other goodies ready for the party.

Sweater number 1 is Gwen, from a free Debbie Bliss pattern here.  It is meant to be Taddy's "homecoming sweater" and I worried it looked a bit large.

So, with the leftover yarn, I knit sweater number 2, which you can find here.  It does appear to be a bit smaller, but not by much. She may end up with two sweaters that she can rotate through her fall wardrobe lol.  And there's enough yarn left for a second hat - mostly pink - so she has a choice there as well.

Tadpole 1 is a hot little dude - can't wear sweaters. Loves hats though. Hoping Taddy 2 loves sweaters, cuz there are so many cute little girl ones, I can just keep cranking them out.

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