Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Clip Art Cat Gets Nine Lives

Next week I am show casing a possible class for Trent Rug School in 2018. The proposal is to hook one piece of clip art different ways, with a mini lesson each day in various techniques.

I have always loved the "possibilities" that every new project presents. In addition to the design are the decisions about colour plan, technique, materials. For me, this is the creative phase, making these choices and going for it - the loop pulling is the therapy and the journey.

If you have been following my blog, you know this is not my first rodeo. A few years ago I hooked One Moose, Four Ways.

This is the Primitive Version 

This one is done with alternative fibers. Click in for a closer look.

She is my "impressionist" moose.
She is my "realistic" moose, or as realistic as you can get in an 8 cut.
A while later, getting ready for a Zen and the Art of Doodling class, I hooked this version in polar fleece. It was fun and another way to hook my same beautiful moose.

I decided my next exploration would go in a new direction and I was searching through royalty-free clip art and found this handsome cat.

I initially drew him on a piece of backing six times. And before very long, he became these six feisty felines.

This is Proddy Cat (with a nod to Maude Lewis)

This is Primitive Cat with Snow Balls 

This is Doodle Cat with the palette from Doodle Moose.

This is Realistic Cat who looks very serious.

This is Applique Cat, with buttons.

This is Painterly Van Gogh cat.
When these six were done, I was pretty sure there were lots more ways to go and decided that since a cat is reputed to have nine lives, I would come up with three more. And this trio of cats bounded off the frame.

This is "inch mat" cat, peeking up from lower frame. - I accidentally put him 1" lower. 

This is "calico cat", hooked like the fabric. 

And this is "Abstract Cat". The clip art cat cut apart and arranged in this way.

This was a fun exercise and I loved every one of these. They are all around 6 x 8, but each took on their own dimension as I hooked them. I certainly don't expect any student to do this many renditions of their clip art, but it's fun to consider the possibilities.

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