Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Warm Weather Worms

On our upcoming trip to Holetown in Barbados, there will be a number of rug hookers in our little "Canadian contingency". We agreed to bring some rug hooking supplies with us this year, for those rainy days when you really need to stay indoors - or at least in shelter.

Needless to say the 29 degree temperatures are not conducive to sitting under burlap or even linen - nor to holding wool strips in your hands, so I am putting together what I want to touch when in is warm and humid.  So my worm pile is made from lots of different dyed panty hose, some jersey fabric, some sari silk and some miscellaneous fabric and ribbon I have hanging about. My backing will be a piece of Monk's cloth left over some something - I think punch needle.

As you can see, the colour palette actually has quite a Caribbean feel. Not my usual colours when hooking at home for our colder climates. Sea, sky, bright florals. I just seem to be missing some palm tree greens. Think I will throw some panty hose into the dye pot this afternoon.

Everything in Barbados is brighter - clothing, house colours, artwork - even nature itself. In fact, many of the pieces of art that we admire there would look very out of place in our home - unless we had a Caribbean room (which is not a bad thought).

I have no idea what I will hook when I am there, but may opt for Susan Feller's method of doing a series of small studies, which could perhaps be joined together to make a "dreaming of Barbados" piece.  If you are not familiar with Susan's amazing work, please take some time to go and see her work. She is truly inspirational. I am a huge fan.

Or, I may just hook freeform - laid back and relaxed - like the culture itself. It's nice to not have anything specific planned.  No rules. No restrictions. Just do what you like.

Meanwhile, here in Parry Sound, as I stare out the studio window today, it continues to snow snow snow snow snow. It has been relentless, since our return from the city on New Year's Day. So dreaming of sea and sand is kind of a nice way to spend the afternoon.

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