Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ring in the New Year in Style

Wow - I can't believe it has been nearly a month since my last post. Glad nobody is hanging in the lurch between them.

We are in Toronto, camped out at my friend Elaine's home while she and her family are in Florida. She tried to convince me that they needed house sitting - and maybe they did - but we sure appreciate having a home base over the holidays. We are so grateful!

It has been a crazy time, juggling our kids with the "outlaws" and figuring out where we are supposed to be and when. But I think we have been where we were supposed to be, when we were meant to be there and we really enjoyed being able to get to spend time with everyone this year.

Our little grandson celebrated his first birthday in style. Here he is in the tuxedo cardigan that his proud grandma (that'd be me) knit for him. Isn't he handsome? Luckily his mom took it off long before the cupcake moment - an entirely different set of pictures.

This was one of the many homemade gifts that I managed to get finished in time. 
Everyone seemed pleased to receive them.

Amazing what a year can bring into your life. A new grandchild has redefined a number of relationships - with him, with our daughter. It is all brand new. And it shows you that you are never too late to re-invent yourself.

Tonight, he is sleeping upstairs. His parents are out for a much-deserved night off. And tomorrow starts the second year of his life, with so many adventures ahead.

I hope all of our lives are filled with adventures too. And I have realized that this year, I am flipping the Happy and Healthy New Year to "Healthy and Happy", because I believe that one really does determine the other.

I wish you all good health - and much happiness for 2015. Hope we all have many sharing moments in the year to come.


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Orange Sink said...

What a handsome little cutie in the knitted tux! A talented Grandma for sure!!
All the best to you Wendie in the new Year! I can't believe how the months fly by like days!!
Enjoy the moments!!
Cathy G

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