Friday, September 19, 2014

Holy September, Bat Man!

And not just the beginning of September, but past the middle!!
Let's just say it has been a blurry month so far. And after such a you-know-what summer, not a graceful transition.

Too much on my plate. Starting with the paying work which has me at the computer at least 7 hours a day lately. So my life is back to having "weekends" in it. My play time.

So what else have I been up to? Here are a few projects that have somehow managed to get done.
A cutie-pie "monster cardigan" with monster for Jackson.

He is so big now that my early fears it would be way too big may be for naught. Here he is at my Toronto office a couple of weeks ago. Check out that hair!!!

Back in the Quilting department, I needed to make a housewarming gift and discovered the world of the Jelly Roll Race. Amazing what you can learn to do on the internet. Anyway, based on a couple of paint chips of specific colours, this is the lap quilt that resulted.

And as to hooking? Not a lot taking place, but another sample for my second class in Edmonton. This little mat is done from a painting I did a few years ago. I like how it turned out. The colour of the painting is really off.

The rest of whatever time I have has been spent getting ready for the upcoming trek to the Focus on Fibre Art Festival in Alberta. First time I have ever tried to do two classes back to back, but there you go.  Many of the students have signed up for both. Man, will they be tired of me by the end.

And I haven't even visited a single blogger friend lately either. Will catch up soon, hopefully.

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