Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What happened to summer?

It is July 30th. I am in the studio wearing long pants and a wool sweater. The furnace was on when I woke up this morning. This has not been Mother Nature's finest summer, that's for sure. And after that winter, I thought she would take a little pity on us. Apparently not!!

On the good news side, the flora here is very happy. Here are some of the roadside plants where we walk each day. There are some thistle-style weeds that tower over my head and I am 5'8" (or at least I used to be).

Someone else who is growing like a weed is the grand baby. He is now 7 months old and seems so big already.  His poor mom has started back to work this week, but his dad is taking over for the other half of the leave. This was the picture that Kris posted of him on Day 2 of Daddy Care. (Note that he has his phone handy, in case he needs to call his mom lol.)

The other benefit of the cooler weather is that it is perfect for hooking. And I have been doing quite a bit in between my paying work. Getting things ready for my big trek out west.  I am doing a few small pieces for samples of hooking in a painterly style.

The moose is very small - just over 5 x 7. The fruit is about 7" square. I have a few more to do and they are very enjoyable and quite quick. I am learning lots as I interpret each one.

Who knows what August will bring, but hopefully a few warmer days. I have only been in the lake once this year and same with the stand up paddle board. If the weather is truly a month behind, maybe we will have July in August.

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