Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Word Up

Well, Canada Day weekend came and went, with ho hum weather that really didn't encourage me to go "in" the water. I did get "on" the water on the paddle board and the pedal boat, but it was never warm enough for me to submerge.

Both offspring were here, daughter with future son-in-law and son with two other large meat-eating friends. So much food was consumed and I am pretty sure the Beer Store saw a little spike thanks to the folks at 319.

While people were sleeping in, I snuck down to the studio and did a little bit of hooking. Funny - every project that I was working on involved "words". For some, the words/letters are the entire design, for others only part, but it seems to be all I have been doing for the last little while.

I love words - having made my livelihood with them. I love fonts. I love lettering - and I am learning to love hooking them. It's something that some folks find intimidating, but I think it's like handwriting - practice makes perfect.

Here are a few of the words of the weekend:

This is the centre of my primitive mat inspired by my class at Loyalist.

A little hostess gift, which I hope the 'hostess' is not seeing ahead of time.

One of the words in my challenge mat from Rug Beat.
Lots more words left to go on the challenge mat - and lots more hooking on the Prim mat, but it is fun moving from project to project and font to font. I will definitely be adding a "words" class to my teaching portfolio.

1 comment:

Christine said...

Hi Wendie
Your Loyalist Mat is looking good! I am so thrilled with what we learned about fonts at your workshop. Today is the day I put my letters on my big rug. I like to have a hooking project at the cottage and I think this new rug will keep me busy.

We are all still talking about what a great workshop we had with you and are looking forward to having you back sooooooon.

xine xxoooooo

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