Colour at Play

This past weekend, we got together with four other couples at one couple's beautiful new cottage on Kashe Lake, just south of us. They took down the original cottage and built an incredible place on the property they have owned for many years, to make lots of space for their grown children and multiple grandchildren. Having a dozen people there at once is no big deal for them.

The focus on their lifestyle is all about playing, so I created this colourful little piece for them as my hostess gift. It seemed more suitable than a name mat in this particular instance. And red is their accent colour. So I just went to town with bright colours that will appeal to even the youngest "player".

We moved it around the great room looking for a good place to put it while I was there and when I left it was sitting on the right side of the stone hearth of the fireplace. I am sure they will find a perfect spot for it.

This word "play" also factored into the hooking of the piece. I used sari silk, roving, yarn, and wool and hooked everything nice and high. Then I outlined the lettering with sparkly jersey fabric.

When I got home from the weekend of eating, drinking, singing, dancing and generally making merry, I spent some quiet time figuring out how the Beekeeper's Quilt all comes together. And I decided to take a stab at it.

It is surprisingly easy construction - just stitching the points of the hexapuffs together and tying them together, leaving short tails on one side. That is how you can easily take one out if it gets damaged or dirty and put it back in. Like lego.

Here is a start - only 35 puffs in there at the moment. I am already really liking it and it is nice to have a break from the knitting. I love all the colours in there and it's fun choosing which one to place where, without being too anal about it.

Since I have a quilt on the sewing list and lots of little baby things on the knitting one, I had best get motoring on this assembly. But it sure is fun to play in such bright colours.


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