Monday, July 30, 2012

Primitive Thoughts

Although I have been doing a lot of reading in these past hot weeks, I have been doing a little bit of hooking in the early morning before it gets too warm. I finished the Stand Up Paddleboard mat and forgot to share a snap.  (Technically, not quite finished - still have to press and do something with the edges, which I will do when it is not to hot to hold.)

I was invited to visit a group of fiber artists in Coldwater last Tuesday and wanted something small and lighter to bring, along with my knitting. I had to figure out what to start next and was drawn back to my series of stair risers. I had an amazing time and feel privileged to be included in their ranks.

The goose is the second in a series of stair risers.  I still have a fox, raccoon, bear, skunk, squirrel, turtle, rabbit and beaver left to do. I posted the moose picture before, but am sharing it again.

 Of course, I had to do the moose first.

The sense of whimsy in the designs of these stretched out critters makes me smile and also serves  as a reminder of how much I enjoy doing primitives.

I have decided to make them into small pillows instead of stair risers, for a couple of reasons.
I think a pillow is more useful. It can go on a bed, a chair, a sofa - wherever I want and I love the way they look sitting proudly on display. The stair risers were going to be for my studio stairs, which means only those who come into the "bat cave" actually get to see them. I think they need to be shared.

I have seen pillows this size in lots of decorating stores -  hand made, though I think they are punch needled in India and the price makes me believe that the creators (as usual) are getting very little for their labour. Once everyone has their mark up and duties, etc., they are selling for $50 ($39 in the US)

Speaking of primitives, one of the gals in the group on Tuesday was talking about a Magdalena workshop she is hosting next month. I am a HUGE fan and have been wanting to take a class on this for quite a while. If you are not familiar, Google Magdalena Rugs, or go and visit Rug Hooking Daily and see the group they have there. There are links to a few blogs and websites of the really devout followers of this style of rugs.

I was heartbroken to learn that the class was filled, but this weekend I found out that I am being squeezed into the group. YIPPEE! I am so excited.  The teacher is DeEtta Gilland from the US and she will be teaching us how to design in the Magdalena style. I promise to share more after the class.


Orange Sink said...

Your STand-up Paddle Board absolutely sparkles! Very fine rug!
The stair-riser mats as pillows will be really fun! I like to make a lot of my mats into pillows as I then have more places to display them! I like your designs!
The Magdalena style of hooking is really popular and am anxious to hear what you are going to create in that style! What ever it is I know will be fabulous!
Have a great time at the class!
Cathy G

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

They squeezed you in because they're gonna love hanging out with you and all your creative energy! Imet DeEtta at a hook-in in Sarasota last year ~ I bought a huge ball of sparkly green yarn from her! She had lots of creative things to sell! Sounds like fun!

Debbe said...

So glad you came down to our little group! Hope you can do it again soon! Cannot wait to see your project from DeEtta!!
Love your blog! Debbe

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