Hooking What You Love.

Does your mind wander as you hook? Mine does, and I find myself thinking of all sorts of things. I guess that zen state is one of the things we love about hooking, isn't it?

I was finishing my latest project on the weekend (a special gift for a special occasion, which I will share next week after it has been presented), and I realized that I am an "emotional" hooker.  The projects that I enjoy the most are the ones based on emotion. They are the mats that capture a memory or celebrate an occasion. They are the mats that follow the rule about hooking what you love.

When I thought back over my hooking history, I realized that nearly every mat I have done falls into the emotional category. The first mat I hooked was a moose - and it was the "emotional" connection that I had with the pattern that got me hooking in the first place.

After that first mat, I designed nearly every mat I hooked. Girls Weekend, Misty, and Fish and Checks were three early mats that were all about emotion. I loved every loop I pulled on them.

The next few projects were what I call "technical" projects. My kilim pillows, my fine-shaded floral piece and eventually my small Oriental. All are great learning pieces, but I didn't have the same emotional connection with them. In fact, the fine-shaded piece is still unfinished. I use it as a visual aid to demonstrate the value lesson, but there wasn't the same joy in every loop.

The next many projects reflected my emotional side and when you view my portfolio, you can easily see how tipped it is in that direction. Lots of faces, lots of moose and other critters I love. Mostly my own designs, but the occasional rug that was designed by someone else and adapted by me.

Over this past year, I have hooked more special occasion mats than ever before. Even the Christmas ornaments, baby name signs and Valentine hearts were a joy to hook. But the milestone mats of big birthdays or anniversaries, many adapted from photos, are definitely my favourites.

So, my little mind road trip on the weekend reminded me that I do truly hook what I love for the sheer joy of the emotion.


Orange Sink said…
I love your blue color that is so dominant in all of your rugs! You must dye that one in particular? Your passion shines forth in your designs...... I'm still looking for the one subject that I can hook with that kind of emotion!
Great rugs!
Cathy G

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