Underpainting Done

Well, here it is - finished.

I must confess that I am happy with the results and would definitely consider incorporating that into many sketches going forward.

As simple as this little mat was, getting all the elements to separate in values was a bit of a challenge and I hooked the water a few times to get to something that didn't blend into the trees.
This picture doesn't really show the separation.

But, I do like the underpainting part. So, I think tis exploration gave me the results I wanted.


Deb said…
Hi Wendy, interesting - do you mean you actually paint a picture on your backing? with acrylic or what? My daughter is going to start latch hooking and this made me think that maybe I could make designs and add color for her to follow. This is my first visit to your blog, now let me go read more. Thanks for sharing. /Deb

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