Glad Plaid Bag all hooked.

Here is the bag all hooked. Despite the amazing weather the last few days, I managed to get in an hour each day and it went quickly. The second side was a breeze, since I followed the colour placement from the first side. And that was indeed the trickiest part.

I decided not to do the flap, which is one of the many options Jennifer gives you in the pattern -  have seen her bags with and without the flap, and since the buckle is very wide and keeps the bag well closed, I am happy without it.  So much easier to grab things from the bag without having to move the buckle and the flap out of the way first.

Now comes the assembly. I have put together two other bags, so this shouldn't be that much more challenging. And Jenn's instructions are very detailed to help me along.

I hope to keep up the momentum, but there will be an interruption this week - a little mat for a special celebration. But it shouldn't take long.

I will share progress on both next week.


Kim said…
Looks great. I hooked my Jen bag without the flap also. I just sewed in a little snap in the center and it worked great. For my strap, I went to Walmart and bought an ugly discounted purse with the color strap I wanted - cut it off and sewed it on! Cost $5
Good for you Wendie!
It looks wonderful. Now the assembly is what has me puzzled. I will follow you to see you continued progress.

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