Monday, June 14, 2010

Pillow Talk

I am in the process of hooking four pillows for the brown leather sofa and love seat in the great room.

Thanks to Jennifer's fabulous Matrix Mats, I am able to do four coordinating pillows that are all based on her 1" grid. And, just as she promises, they go quickly. I have nearly finished two and the second one I will have finished in a week (with only a bit of hooking each day versus dedicated stretches of time).

I will finish the second one today and then grid off the third and fourth, for which the colour planning is already done. These are mostly hooked from leftover wool from other projects and I have bags of #8 cut worms in my studio. 

If you check Jennifer's blog (if you're not following it already), you can see the fruits of her design at work in a room-size rug. Wow, what an undertaking. But, as she promises, you can't wait to see what the next motif will look like - not unlike the stair staining. There's gratification at every step in this process.

Although you can't tell from these pictures, my pillows will be 12 x 20 and will sit at the arms of the furniture versus the backs. When my friend Elaine helped me stage the house in Toronto, she loaned me rectangular pillows and I LOVED how they looked. I think it means I will have to create my own forms, but I haven't looked online to make sure yet.

When I am done, I will work on some more studies for my sketches series, which will be at the totally other side of the hooking spectrum. And isn't the variety what it's all about? But in the meantime, two more to go.

Hopefully, I will have the third finished in time for next week's post. 


Kim said...

I love those colors. Be sure to post photos of them completed on the sofa. I'm sure they will be striking!

Jen Manuell said...

I think they look FAB....and I love to see the AMM hooked in different colours - so fun for me ;-)

Orange Sink said...

These are great! I hope you can find the forms easily. Would love to see photos of them in your room! Love the colors! Cathy G

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Your pillows are fabulous!! And I love rectangular sofa pillows ~ they 'fit' much better than square sometimes!!

debra said...

Your pillows are wonderful and the colors are so rich looking. There are places that will make feather pillows to order and it wasn't that expensive. I know years ago I had one made for a three foot long linen bolster for the bed. Sorry I don't have the info, but I'm sure you could google it.

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