Monday, June 28, 2010

Pillow #4 and the G20

Thanks to the miserable weather this weekend, and the G8 and G20, I got quite a bit done on pillow 4. Here is a progress shot.

I have really enjoyed hooking this one - not sure why - I guess the motifs are smaller and you change colours more frequently, but this one truly makes you keep going so you can see what the next "plus sign" will look like with the others.

I took my hooking upstairs this weekend and watched the coverage on CBC and shook my head in disbelief at all of it. It was kind of like a train wreck unfolding and you couldn't look away. But the media kept playing the most sensational clips over and over, so putting my head down to hook didn't make me miss a thing.

The fact that the more militant protesters were still at it after everything was over said it all to me. I felt extremely sorry for the peaceful folks who were there to truly support what they believed in.

Rick and I took a trip to Toronto last Thursday for Rick's cracked filling and then had dinner with the kids, so we got to see the downtown core without anyone in it. Thought we would be caught in the motorcades heading to Huntsville on our way back north, but we must have been behind them, because our trip was even a bit faster than usual.

Another big event last week -  Fedex delivered the pillow forms that I ordered online, which I guess I hadn't noticed in the shipping info. Rick nearly fell over from shock that they would come all the way out here. LOL

So this week, I'll finish hooking this last one and begin the assembly of all 4. I hope to have them finished before the kids arrive on Friday for the long weekend. I'll share a picture of them all as soon as they are.


Kim said...

Love this pillow too. I agree the G8/G20 coverage was sickening. I realize people have the right to protest but the destruction and vandalism was ridiculous. I hated that these news clips would be seen around the world and highlight a Canadian city.

Jen Manuell said...

Looking good, girl. You're going to be done before you know it! ;-)
Where did you order the pillow forms? Are you happy with them?

Debbie said...

Hello Wendie-Jean the Hooking Queen! It sounds like life in PS is taking a rythmn of its own. How is the moose rug coming?

Jay said...

Your works are all lovely, I have seen a few of them in your blog and I love every single one.

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