Scrap Happy

One of my purge and pack tasks this week has been cutting all the little bits and pieces from hooking projects into strips. Over the years, I've accumulated a red plastic basket full of odds and ends from projects. Little 2 and 3-inch pieces that weren't really large enough to do much with, so I just kept tossing them in. It's grown into quite a quantity and I decided that rather than move the basket of bits, I'd cut everything into a size 8 strip and bag them for use later.

Simultaneously, my friend Jen has developed a new concept of rugs that she is calling the Amazing Matrix series. If you cruise on over to her blog, you'll see for yourself how amazing they really are.

Here's a picture of how many bags of strips I've already gotten from my basket. And I'm not done yet!

I'm thinking of hooking four rectangular pillows for the leather sofa and love seat that are moving into the great room up north. And I think these strips will be just the ticket to do them without buying any wool or cutting into anything in my stash!

There's something very therapeutic in all this cutting, especially when the bags keep mounting up. It's like turning nothing into something - like a windfall. And unexpected tranquility in my messy, box-filled house.

So take another look at all your little scraps and hold onto them. There could very well be a free rug hiding in there.


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