Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Less than Two Weeks.

It's been a pack-happy weekend with very long days spent doing more of the things that need doing. I think I started Friday morning at 9 and stopped at 5. And yesterday was pretty much the same. Even the attic has been emptied, as of today - the last "scary" place.

So much sorting, but a real sense of accomplishment after getting things done. Nearly everything that can be packed - is. What isn't still needs to be used in the coming days. And what remains unpacked can quickly be put into boxes at the last.

And nearly everything that needs to find a new home has been allocated. There is real satisfaction in knowing that someone will be using the things that we no longer need. That doesn't mean that there isn't a dumpster full of stuff that needs to be taken away on Thursday, but I bet the equivalent has been shared with someone else. A front porch-full will be picked up tomorrow.

With each day, the reality sets in a little more and I am starting to feel incredibly emotional about leaving this house.  It's been such a special, happy place for 26 years. Today all the Christmas boxes from the attic got consolidated into moving boxes. A definite reminder that the next Christmas will be in another "home". As will all the other special occasions. All of the traditions will be reinvented with new ones we have yet to create.

After so many years of moving towards this decision, the closer it gets, the scarier it becomes. But I'm determined to not second guess this. It's a big adventure, after all. It's a place we already love. And it's not as if it got any further away. After making the trip there and back nearly every single weekend for as long as I can remember, there's nothing to make me believe that the road doesn't work just as well the other way.

So I'm going to put a little faith into each and every one of these boxes. That we will love our new life. And that we will find ways to see our friends and family - the only thing about the city we will truly miss - as much as we do now.

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