Monday, May 26, 2008

The Passing of the Baton

As we all know, the rug hooking community is filled with amazing women of all ages. In my time as a member of this community, I have had a chance to share time and conversation with many in their golden years whose energy, passion and experience is only outshone by their willingness to share all of it.

This past Saturday, two Toronto branches of the OHCG got together for a potluck lunch and some hooking. On the agenda was a silent auction, which is always fun. One of the more senior members of one branch was looking to reduce her “stash”, as she had done last year. There was lots of wool, a Puritan frame, several patterns and a few rugs that had been colour planned and/or just started (we all admit to having a few of those, no matter how old or young we are).

I had the good fortune (and this is not an exaggeration of the term) of bidding on a Kilim rug plus all the wool required to hook it. A tiny section had been hooked, and a colour plan established. Although the last thing I need is another big project, the design and colours definitely spoke to me and I found myself bidding a couple of times to get it. And I did.

Although I fully realize that the price I paid was ridiculously low, I feel good in the knowledge that I will finish this rug, and my benefactress will be a large part of the story that goes forward with the rug. She will have a credit on the label. And I will never forget how lucky I was to inherit this project.

Next weekend, I will put the pattern onto my as-yet-unassembled Cheticamp frame and it will become the cottage rug that I will work on when I am there. It will be placed in a permanent spot for easy access. This will mean that I no longer have to take all my hooking paraphernalia to and fro every weekend. It will also ensure that some quality time gets dedicated to this project.

And I am thrilled to have this opportunity and promise to do this rug proud. I think that the finest compliment we can pay to the people who have shared their time and talent with us is to keep it going. We have to pick up where they leave off and share everything with those coming behind us.

I believe the rug hooking baton has been passed to me many times already. I’m sure it will be again and again. And I promise to do my part for this art form, just as these magnificent women have with me.

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QuiltingFitzy said...

Living in the desert impacts me greatly. I've been perusing the web of late looking at Navajo patterns to create.

You really scored!

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