Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eat, Read, Sleep

That’s what I did all weekend. Lots of all of the above. With surprisingly little hooking.

Mother Nature didn’t give us a great weekend weather-wise, but you really can’t blame her. After all, someone decided to have the May 24th weekend a week early. This time of year, a week makes a big difference. Just watch - next weekend will be amazing, because it is the REAL May 24.

There are always bonuses to a bad-weather weekend, long or otherwise. Case in point, the bugs were too cold to come out. They were all rifling through their closets looking for their winter coats. (See what happens when you switch over your wardrobe too early?) I don’t think they’ll come out again till next weekend.

The traffic going north was significantly lighter. I heard on the radio that the statistic was 30% lighter. That makes a BIG difference to the time spent in the car. I wasn’t unhappy about that.

I was secretly rubbing my hands in glee at the prospect of how much hooking I would get done, between eating and sleeping. Big surprise - I hooked less than I generally do on a no-weather-restrictions weekend. Instead, I buried my nose in two very good books.

Both were Mothers’ Day presents. Since I read far more at the cottage than I do at home, they were packed into the cottage bag. “Shoe Addicts Anonymous” came out first. It was a very quick and light read - a perfect cottage choice. I totally ignored my hooking until it was done.

For some reason, even after finishing the first book, the hooking wasn’t holding me. So out came “Eat, Pray, Love”. To those of you who said I would love it, you were right. It was recommended by at least four people, including Laura, who gave it to me rather than lend me her copy. I guess I am a third done - having finished the “eat” part.

A couple of people said it made them think of me. Not because I am a traveller - in fact, I seldom go anywhere other than Parry Sound every weekend (which I think doesn’t count as travelling). But one said the writing made them think of me - I now know enough to feel extremely flattered. Another told me that the writer reminded them of me - I feel a tad anxious about that (just kidding). But I am loving the book. For those of you who haven’t read it yet, this is a hearty recommendation.

Looking back, I think the new rhythm of this past weekend was a nice respite from my usual “Eat, Sleep, Hook”. I think I'll try to keep some time for reading. But I also know that just around the corner, after the real May 2-4, there's gardening, staining, landscaping.......etc. etc. etc.

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