What's Next?

As I race to the finish line on Laura’s Oriental, my head is already filled with ideas for the next project. I do have the lovely purse pattern I got from Jennifer Manuell last year, which would be perfect for a quick fix after the hours spent on the Oriental.

But, after spending another weekend at the cottage putting things in place, I realize that for the first time ever, there is an actual need for some rugs. So I think my first “next” will be one of the two at the front of the line. Since there is such an expanse of amazing floors, the rugs that I have there already are more “floor art” than anything practical. And now, I need to go bigger with my designs.

I need a rug for in front of the sink in my gorgeous new kitchen. I’m already sketching designs with vegetables, which are looking promising. I have realized that the red accents in my new kitchen are really lovely, so I see some tomatoes, red peppers and hot peppers in my garden patch for the kitchen floor.

I also need a 4 x 6 rug for the family room upstairs. I think I will build on a primitive design I did that uses log cabin squares and penny rug squares. I will add a few more elements and do another hit or miss border, which I love. Great way to use up all those leftovers too.

I find that the designing and planning part of creating a rug is as exciting as hooking the rug. I love the "concept stage". The sketching and doodling is very stimulating. I also love going back over earlier ideas in my notebooks. It’s amazing what jumps out from before. Sometimes I find I've already laid the foundation for the perfect rug design - I just didn't know it at the time.

By the time I’m ready to put the pattern onto backing, I’m already hooking that rug in my head, so the rest is just the mechanics. Every phase of the rug journey is rewarding on some level.

But first I have whipping, crocheting and fringing on the Oriental – ah yes, the finishing aspect of the rug, which not everyone finds so rewarding.

So I guess I’m not quite ready for what’s next.


Sunnie said…
Hello Wendie! What a lovely post you did...I really appreciate the kind words!!! : )

Boy, do you have some big projects in the works!!!! : ) Keep us posted with pictures as you go along! It'll be fun to see what you come up with! LOL

I'm doing a couple of rugs too that are for me (I think!) and are more traditional...one is the "Bradley Primitive". I saw it in one of the Rug Hooking magazines and loved it!

So I ordered it and have started on it. It is done in #8 cut but I'm getting wool for another rug design done in #4...so I'll probably be tearing out my hair working with a smaller cut!!! LOL

Happy Sunday and Hugs to you, my friend! Sunnie : )

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