What's in a name?

While we are working away at our addition to our cottage, there's been an even better one at the cottage next door to us. A brand new, perfect baby girl - first child for one of the daughters and first grandchild for the parents. Her name is Rayla Belle - quite a handle for such a tiny person.

Her mom told me that "Rayla" had been in her head for a very long time. And Belle is a salute to her maiden name Belluz. For me, the name brings up images of a southern belle sipping mint julips on the porch. But I'm sure once Rayla grows into it, that initial image will fade. It will be replaced by a toddler eating sand on the beach in front of the cottage, learning to swim and going for boat rides with her grandpa.

When I first saw her pictures of "the most beautiful baby in the world", I had to agree with her new daddy that she was. She has a pink complexion, perfect rosebud mouth and button nose, and a halo of hair that promises to have a touch of red like her mom.

My normal new baby gift (pre-hooking) was always a home-made sweater. I realized that they outgrew those in about 20 minutes, so I have switched to a new, home-made gift that offers greater longevity. Rayla Belle has the distinct honour of being the recipient of the first one.

Influenced by my recent penny rug workshop, I incorporated a little touch into the ends of this piece. I wasn't certain about how to attach the lambs tongues and certainly learned a bit as I proceeded. I will revise the construction on the next one, but basically I am happy with the end result.

I hope Rayla Belle is happy as well. Her parents have given her a name that will make her truly unique. I don't believe she will run into too many other girls in her class with the same handle.


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