What a difference a door makes!

It's amazing what things give you the biggest thrill in a renovation. They aren't necessarily the biggest things. But they are the ones that trigger an emotional reaction. That is certainly the case with our front door.

For many reasons, our windows and doors were ordered later than planned, so we have been waiting with baited breath for them to arrive. A lot of things cannot be completed until the windows are installed, so we know that once they are all in, we will feel that things are really progressing.

Everyone knows what a difference light in a room makes, but the impact was greater than expected. Our new entry way was previously our downstairs bedroom. There wasn't even a window where the door is now. Because the room was always so dark, it was great for sleeping. You never knew what time it was, and if you wanted, you could just go on sleeping. Now, thanks to our new door, it is bright and cheery foyer that opens into the great room, the hub of the cottage.

Previously, the only entrance to the cottage was through the screened-in porch to the kitchen. At a cottage, this was not a problem. But for a full-time home, we wanted a proper front door entrance. You know that expression "back door friends are best". Well, that was all we had - until now!

Our city home has a front door that is barely used. Everyone we know comes to the side door. Only people who don't know us go to the front - too often people trying to sell us things, or ask us to donate to things. When we have a dinner party and at Christmas when family and friends assemble, they use the front door. It makes these times feel a bit more special. I know that the front door at the cottage will do the same.

We still have many things to deal with regarding the exterior of our new front door. There's a capped roof to go over the platform. The hydro meter needs to be hidden somehow. And there's an old oak tree that cuts across the door as you pull in the driveway, whose fate is to be decided. But once we have the sconces on the wall, the cap over the door and the landscaping done to lead to the front door, this will be a warm welcome to all who visit.

And there's still the decision of bell or doorknocker. I think I'll vote for doorknocker. But we now have a wonderful front door! And what a difference a door makes.


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