I can't believe I miss blackflies!

Well, this was the first May 24th weekend (albeit not on May 24th) in 16 years that I have not spent at our cottage.
We did spend part of it there - pushing sawdust around and rearranging the huge pile of stuff in the screened in porch.
Yes, we are in renovation hell, which is preventing us from not only sleeping there, but spending time outside donating flesh to the blackfly population. My husband did don a bug shirt and whack some weeds, so he made a minor deposit to the blackfly bank, but, aside from finding the bug shirts in the pile of possessions in the basement, I donated only what could be taken between car and porch door.
It's amazing how not being able to go there each weekend (since last September) has changed the rhythm of our lives - and not for the better. The fall and winter have always been a special time there, since we are mostly the only ones who go. But the summer is fun too, because we've shared our lake with the same neighbours since we bought so very long ago.
We keep hoping we have reached the point in the construction where things will go more quickly, but at this point we are still without windows and although there is a brand new kitchen under the many boxes of lights and bathroom fixtures, we don't have appliances in or working at this point.
Hopefully, that will be remedied shortly and we can clean out a small spot amid the debris, throw down a mattress and sleeping bags and wake up to our usual pattern of coffee on the lower deck followed by a tin boat ride.
And we can stop missing the things that used to be the negatives about our weekly sojurns - the packing and unpacking of supplies, the long commute on Friday nite, the bug seasons have blur blackfly and mosquito together, the sad Sunday clean up before heading back to the city. And the blackflies!!!
We can't wait to have them all back.


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