Dyeing to Succeed

Since my last post, countless hours have been devoted to achieving the colours required for my Oriental project. I'd love to be able to say they are incredible - luscious hues that no mortal could resist, but alas that would be an untruth.

They are pretty close to what I was aiming for, but they are not magnificent. I hope when I begin to hook them into the pattern, I will feel better about them. At the moment, I have that same feeling you get when creating a complicated meal. By the time you are done, you're not hungry any more.

The blue that I have settled on is quite lovely and I learned the secret to getting the saturation that I was going for. You actually have to pre-dye the wool blue before going for the formula you want. So, in fact, this blue was dyed twice and abrashed once. When you add that to the two previous blue attempts (both of which I hope to work into the flowers in this pattern), I have probably dedicated 6-8 hours for this one colour. And I do this because.....???!!!

I had vowed that if my entire 6-week workshop was spent getting my colours correct, I would be satisfied. Again, I lied. I am now officially tired of stirring that pot and want to get going. If any of these colours do not pass the mustard, I think I will purchase the glorious hues aforementioned and move on to hooking.

The challenge of reproducing any of these colours lies ahead of me. I have made good notes, including all the variances and overdyes for the ones that I love. Hopefully, if the moon is in exactly the same position and the same dog is on my lawn, I may get the same results.

And hopefully, my next post will featured a few of these time-intensive colours in position on my first Oriental ever.


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