Sunday, January 27, 2019

Boxy Chevrons by the Sea

Happy to report that the colds are gone and we have assumed our positions down on the deck at the Beach Club by the sea.

And after having already finished four books, I brought my Boxy Chevrons knitting with me to my chaise on the deck.  I am slowly making progress. I picked up all the stitches (360) from the remainder of the sleeves (after they were seamed) and did the short row shaping for front and back, and am now happily knitting a TON of rows in the round.

Here's a picture of the first day by the sea.

And since today was our first really rainy morning, I worked a bit more in the apartment and here is a shot that shows the sleeves and a bit of the body - kinds of orients you to seeing what it will look like after I finish a gazillion hours of knitting in the round.

The cakes of the speckled yarn are very different, so I am alternating rows as I approach the end of the first skein. Hopefully, the transition will be smooth.

The thing about knitting on the deck is that it attracts fellow knitters. Everyone was coming over to see what I was working on, and a couple of people sent a link to the pattern on Ravelry home to their friends and relatives.

I love that fibre people are everywhere around, and you can't always pick them out in a crowd - or on a deck.

More pics to come as I add onto the length.

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