Thursday, April 12, 2018

Four Dresses Done

Starting to get settled in again, but today is the first time I was able to hook a single loop since I got back. And I am having so much fun translating these little dresses into hooking exercises. When I came up with the idea for the piece, I did a quick sketch and figured out which dresses would best translate into which style. And so far, the early ideas seem to be working.

Here's an in-progress picture. And a little blurb about the order in which I did them, and what I did:

Bottom Left:

The stripes on the dress are appliqued. But they are so small, I used thread instead of floss to attach them - no room for fancy stitches. The white hooked around them is polar fleece.

Bottom Right:

The circles in this dress are quillies. The hooking around them is 8-cut wool, which I had to hook quite high in order to be the same height to the quillies. I haven't done too many of these in my hooking life and still need some practice in getting them to feel good and secure. I spent some time with my new book "Coils, Folds, Twists and Turns" by Tracy Jamar.

Maybe the answer is hot glue instead of stitching them. Here's a link to a how-to-tutorial. 

Upper Right:

This is hooked with panty hose, mostly because I had the colours in the dress in my panty hose stash. And it was fun to hook, because the small size of the pattern sort of dictated a little stacked cross pattern, a bit like beading.

Upper Left:

This is a combination of hooking - the zig zag lines - and low proddy. Proddy may be an over statement. In fact, I just pulled up loops and snipped them, so it's more like a shag dress. Love the colours which look pretty much like the dress colours.

Four down. Four to go. Chances are I might just get this done in time for Trent. It's very much on topic for the One Motif, Many Ways.

The outline around all of the dresses is a loosely hooked black wool yarn. May use the same treatment for the grid line between them. And I will be using a black and white textured wool for the background on all of them. At least that's the plan.

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