Thursday, December 21, 2017

Still some December left, and I'm done!

Well, at least until I come up with another project to fill the remainder of the month.

For me, December is all about making Christmas things AND Barbados things too. It's become a tradition to do both. Some hats and mitts have been knit and given, since they aren't really a Christmas present for a 4-year old.

Neither are pyjama pants, if truth be told. But this year I had even more fun than last year's "beer pants". Because this year I got to do mother/daughter and father/son pj pants. Everleigh will only be just over three months on Christmas Day, so her pants are nearly as wide as they are long. But I figure I only need one picture and it will all be worth while. The boys will wear theirs all year long and love them.

Once again, in an effort to be frugal with the fabric, I managed to get some upside down hockey sticks on the boys' pants. Not nearly as funny as last year's upside down beer glasses and bottles.
Some modifications this year, Kris (father) asked for pockets. And Jackson (son) needed drawstring plus elastic, since he is such a skinny little fellow.

The other Christmas goodies are a bunch of appliqued ornaments, which was the project for our rug hooking group this Monday.  I made a few ahead as samples and just kept going. I love to hang one on a bottle of wine, or just give as a little gift.

As to the Barbados making, here are a few shots of the "frocks" I made for the trip. Let me say that when I am in Ontario, I rarely wear dresses. I am a t-shirt and jeans gal, but when in Holetown, wardrobe requirements are quite different. First of all, it is WAYYYYY warmer - hot in fact - realized by the first blast of hot air when they open the airplane doors. Dresses are cooler and the ones I have acquired over the years are perfect for multi purposes, including casual dinners and bathing suit cover ups. Every year, I add a few more to the line up. 

Here are this year's additions to the regular wardrobe.

A tie-shoulder maxi which will get lots of wear. 

A cover up made from the cheeriest fabric ever!!

A seer-sucker maxi with a little surprise hem. 

An amazing Sandra Betsina patter that I made for the Because of Jenna fundraiser.

Christmas projects are done. Barbados sewing is done. And I still have a few days left till Christmas and then a few more till Barbados. I am sure that I will find things to fill the space. Including the second sock for my husband for Christmas.

There are some other projects calling my name - so I will see where my time takes me.

I promise to share.

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